Types of University

There are different types of universities around. When choosing a university take a look at this and choose which type appeals to you.

Campus Universities

Students attending campus universities live and study in a fairly self-contained area, separate from the local town/city.


  • Sense of community between students
  • Very student-oriented services and facilities
  • Cheap and convenient to get to and from accommodation and university


Students at University

  • Students everywhere
  • Can feel like an artificial environment away from the local community

Town/City University

The university buildings are dispersed throughout the town or city.


  • The real town/city experience living
  • The benefits of the local facilities of a town/city e.g. cheaper services


travelling to uni

  • Can be expensive compared to campus universities
  • Accommodation and travel can be impractical
  • May live far away from other students and lose the community feeling

Collegiate University

A collegiate university is made up of independent colleges that are dispersed throughout a town/city providing accommodation, food, social and welfare services. Members of different colleges are brought together through social events.


  • Close contacts with students studying other subjects
  • Some of the colleges are wealthy institutions and can offer additional financial support (but this varies between colleges)
  • Strong sense of college spirit amongst students (and alumni)


collegiate university regulations

  • Often provide additional regulations e.g. mandatory attendance for a minimum number of evening dinners
  • Little interaction between colleges
  • Lack of central students union hence poorer sense of university spirit