What we do

What we do

Check out this page to see an overview of what we do here at Generation Medics! ‘What we do’ is divided into our activities, and our community. 


Below are all the different and varied activities we do here at Generation Medics. 

We run 3 amazing conferences where students can talk to current healthcare professionals and get a taste of life as a medic!

An amazing opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an NHS hospital – click here to learn more!


Holiday Programmes

Our exciting holiday programmes allow students to learn about healthcare and medicine in a dynamic, friendly environment, enhancing and extending their in-school learning. 

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Our after-school and lunchtime clubs enrich students’ knowledge of healthcare and medicine at a convenient time for parents and schools. 

Generation Medics NHS 70 Youth celebration

Social Mobility Policy

We are champions of social mobility and widening access to healthcare careers. 

Mentoring programme

We offer an amazing online programme of support for MedSocs run at our partner schools.

Our Community

We have a thriving, enthusiastic and encouraging community here at Generation Medics. Our community is made up of all sorts of different people; see them listed below. 

Schools, Essex

Resources, information and forums for pre-GCSE students (years 7 to 11) interested in healthcare!

health career

If you’re a post-GCSE student (years 12 and 13) interested in medicine or healthcare, this is the place for you!

Go here if you’re an undergraduate, trainee or apprentice!

OT students, future OT, aspiring health professionals, nhs careers

Doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, dentists and more – this is the place for you!

GCSE Revision

If you’re a school, find information and resources here. 

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If you’re a parent or guardian of an aspiring healthcare professional, find lots of information and support here.