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Generation Medics

We are passionate about widening access to medical and healthcare careers for students from all backgrounds.


We take our role seriously.
Engaging, Informing, Empowering, and Quality Enrichment Opportunities.
It’s what we do.


We have combined all of our healthcare, education and business backgrounds to develop services, products and experiences tailored to your specific needs


Whether its people we work with, or people who work for us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to put you- our community, at the heart of all that we do.

Bruce Keogh, NHS, Medical director

“I think what Dr Hinnah Rafique and her team at Generation Medics do is really great!

I fully support this great organisation to grow and help more young people – I’m even volunteering with them myself!”

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, KBE, FRCS, FRCP

Chair, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

Previous National Medical Director

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It all started in 2013, in a small coffee shop

We were a group of junior doctors who’d met up over coffee one autumn afternoon for a catch-up, and inevitably found ourselves discussing the significant lack of medical careers information available to students. There was general agreement that this information was essential for understanding how to go about completing university applications, gaining practical experience and meeting doctors, but students from certain socio-economic backgrounds were at a clear disadvantage in their ability to access these necessary resources. This posed not only a problem for aspiring medical students, but for students who were already accepted into medical school. And that’s when our solution Help Me I’m A Medic was created, on the back of a napkin.

Our dream was to help students from all social backgrounds gain access to medicine and healthcare careers by making the necessary information accessible to all- but we didn’t want to just stop there. Supporting medics and doctors throughout their career and up until retirement was an important goal for us too.

Our journey

We began by simply offering advice to family, friends and peers using the knowledge we’d gained from our collective experience. As word spread of our service we became increasingly overwhelmed with new requests for support and soon recognised that to accommodate this growing demand we needed to take steps towards providing a streamlined professional service. With mounting support from like-minded medics, teachers, parents and students, we were able to enter into social enterprise territory.

For over nine years we have worked to demystify the medical application process for prospective medical applicants, using the tips and tricks that we have learnt having been through the process ourselves. We are the trusted advisors to thousands of students and healthcare professionals, and by supporting us you are supporting positive social change.

Where we are now

Generation Medics, formerly Help Me I’m A Medic is now the UK’s largest social enterprise and online community run BY medics FOR medics. As an organisation we’re unique because we support students in making an informed decision about their future career in medicine, whilst assisting them with the general university application process.

We coordinate several national conferences a year, including the National Aspiring Doctors Conference, with many students, parents and teachers in attendance, and use social media and online platforms to condense the large body of medical careers information into an easy and digestible form. We also offer free resources, discounted revision courses for medical students, and expert advice on a huge range of topics including revision skills, university grade requirements, personal statements, and how to gain work experience.

Our Not-for-Profit organisation has won two UnLtd national awards for its “dynamic and successful” venture and its “strong vision for the long term development”. We are rapidly expanding and, having built up an online community of over 4000 in the space of two years, we are looking forward to reaching thousands more students and doctors with our services. Our organisation has taken on graduates, students and local members of the community, and with several exciting projects already underway this year the future certainly does look bright for us!

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