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Hear from Romoluwa,
an aspiring medic from London ✨

Liv found the uni degree + career she wanted thanks to our Virtual Healthcare Careers Academy and support programme 🤩

I always knew that I wanted to work in healthcare but didn't know what I wanted to do
My parents work hard but didn't go to university and didn't understand the options available during and after I leave school
I was fortunate to take part in a club run by Generation Medics at my school when I was in Year 9, attended their national conference when I was in Year 10 and had a mentor to help me plan out my future
With access to the wonderful supportive team at Generation Medics, their resources and online platform I have looked into lots of careers and now know what I'm going to do and how to get there. I also feel like I have joined a big family of people who want to help each other succeed - I love it!
Fulo, aged 18
Generation Medics Member
I was the first in my family - and the first on my street - to go to uni, so I have first-hand experience of overcoming barriers to enter a healthcare career. I can relate to the young people and adults I'm supporting through Generation Medics and I love volunteering here. The difference I'm making is not abstract - I see it with my own eyes.
Naomi, Senior NHS Staff Nurse
Generation Medics Volunteer

It's not just students and participants who love our programmes, teachers do too 🚀

Darcy knows how to get into hear dream nursing career thanks to our programme 💫

Proven track-record of impact

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At Generation Medics we work hard to offer opportunities for people from all backgrounds – particularly those from underrepresented communities including:

  • Young carers
  • People with mental health or behavioural issues
  • People with learning disabilities
  • Children in care and care-leavers
  • Children and families from low-income homes
  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities
  • Adults experiencing homelessness
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Ex-offenders and those at-risk of moving into crime
  • Traveller communities

Browse our wide range of success stories to see how we’ve helped develop a world where people from all social backgrounds, facing numerous barriers to achieving their potential can be empowered and engaged to explore careers in healthcare and thrive in them.

Hear from Generation Medics' director

Dr Hinnah Rafique, founder and director of Generation Medics

Hear from more of our community

I think that projects like these encourage and enable children to achieve their dreams, especially those who would otherwise lack support and guidance.

The initiative behind this program is excellent, and personally, as a student, it is not often that I come across a course like this, which makes medicine a much more accessible field for all.

Sanya, 17 yrs old

For as long as I could remember I have wanted to be a midwife so your support to understand what they do and how to become one is really important. I think that a project like this is needed because so many people don’t know what jobs are really in the NHS and so don’t see it as a job option but I think that it would encourage a new generation of NHS workers.

Tabatha, 17 yrs old

Programs such as these allow for true engagement within the field and are the cohesive mediums that help supply the next generation of budding enthusiasts and future pillars of the industry. 

Providing that first hand experience can motivate, inspire and ignite passion that many had not even been aware of or understood to its real degree. It also undoubtedly has helped many people, such as myself, ratify their current interest in further pursuing a career within the field.

Andrei, 17 yrs old

Scholarship programme review

Positive student testimony about Generation Medics' Scholarship Programme

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