Virtual Health and Social Care Academy

Our Virtual Health and Social Care Academy, gives you access to unparalleled support, advice and information to help you make the right decisions on your future whilst also supporting you to achieve your goals.

We built this place for you

We were fed up with hearing from great people who wanted to work locally in health and social care, just like you, but who were being left stuck and not knowing how to succeed

Our Virtual Health and Social Care Academy gives you access to:

Your Members Library

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.

We have a huge and growing content library for you to dive into when you join. Enjoy hundreds of hours of core training and learning – from full courses on topics from the roles available in health and social care, training routes and how to smash your job interview, to quick insight videos and blogs, and expert guides that deep dive on specific aspects.

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Job Success

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.

We have sector-specific information and advice for applying for work experience, volunteering or a job in health or social care.

Including a must-see skills mapper that maps your skills from previous roles and translates it to roles commonly available in the health and social care sector.

Our detailed role-specific career roadmaps will then support you to navigate your way to success regardless of where you’re starting from.

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Explore your interests and expand your knowledge.

From understanding common conditions you might come across in your working life as a helath and social care professional,  to exploring your interests, our e-courses cover a wide-range of topics allowing you to feed your interests whilst equipping you with the information you need to navigate the path to your future career.

Exclusive Opportunities

Developing your skills and taking you to the next stage.

We’ll link you in with all our latest news and give you the chance to take part in exclusive career-enhancing opportunities that are only available to our members!

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and you won't be alone, you'll be part of...

...all of this and much more ONLY inside the Academy!

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