Tuition Fee Review Announced by PM

Prime Minister, Theresa May has announced that all post-18 education funding will be reviewed.

This year, a fee freeze was set in place for university tuition fees. This was after the rise in tuition fees from £9000 to £9,250. However, some are not satisfied with this freeze.  

In 2012, the cap on tuition fees was lifted from £3,000 to £9,000. It had been anticipated that not all universities would charge this higher fee, however as we have seen, this was not the case.

Theresa May has announced that an independent chair and panel will support the review of all post-18 education funding. This piece of work will include reviewing maintenance grants to decide if they should be re-introduced for poorer students and reviewing the interest rates set on student loans. The review is set to release its findings in 2019.



*UPDATE* 20/04/2018 at 14:00. Former students will be able to earn more before they have to start paying back their tuition fee loans.


People across the UK have taken to Twitter to express their views on this topic.  Here’s what they have to say:

One Twitter user expresses his views on the UK’s high tuition fees:

One student isn’t pleased about the gap between the treble rise in tuition fee loans and this review.

One mother expresses her concerns over the high tuition fees and the implications on the younger generation.

One Twitter user floats with the idea of scrapping tuition fees altogether:


Whilst another disagrees with the notion of scrapping tuition fees because they see going to university as a choice, not a right.


*Update 20/04/2018* Former students will be able to earn more before they have to start paying back their tuition fee loans.

English and Welsh students who took out loans from September 2012 onwards – when fees in England rose to up to £9,000 a year – will now start to pay back when they earn £25,000 a year instead of £21,000.

The government says the move could save graduates up to £360 a year.

The National Union of Students said the change was “welcome relief” for many.

The Chief Financial Officer from Staffordshire University welcomes this development:


Here, one mother and primary school teacher expressed her views on the matter:



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