Top Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Last

Making your new years resolutions is one thing, but sticking to them is another thing altogether!

Read our top tips to make your new years resolutions last.

1. Be realistic

Top tips to make your new year's resolutions last

Don’t make new year’s resolutions that are unrealistic and unachievable for you.

To help you make achievable resolutions think SMART – create goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. For example, if you know you have a busy schedule avoid taking on loads of new hobbies which you won’t have time for. You’re much less likely to stick to your resolution if it isn’t achievable


 2. Focus on one change at a time

Top tips to make your new year's resolutions last

If you decide on a resolution which requires a big scale change, focus on the small steps needed to get you to your goal. For example, if you want to be more organised, break this big goal down into smaller SMART goals.

You could break this particular goal down into these specific goals: keeping your room organised, keeping on top of your diary or meeting deadlines, you would then need to adapt them to be SMART goals.


 3.  Remember your motivation

Top tips to make your new year's resolutions last

Keep reminding yourself of the reason why you wanted to achieve your new year’s resolution. If you keep reminding yourself about your motivation, giving yourself a clear focus, you’ll be more likely to stick to your resolution.

Some people find it useful to keep a photo or quote that is placed somewhere where it can be seen regularly to help with motivation.


 4. Write them down

Writing down your resolutions act as a reminder. Why not go one step further and make a mind map of your new year’s resolution! Stick it up on your wall, in a place you look at/ pass every day. Having that reminder will help to reinforce your goals.


 5. Don’t give up if you slip up!

When faced with a failure, many people choose to give up- instead of just giving up, get back up! One slip does not have to result in a total meltdown. Use it as a lesson and to help refocus your attention and motivations.


6. Get your friends in on the action

Find other people who have the same goals as you. By sharing your experiences with one another you provide support. Having support makes it much more likely that you will meet your goal.

7. Don’t get too caught up in it

Most importantly, don’t allow your resolutions to dictate your life. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re in this all-or-nothing trap! It’s okay to slip up, be prepared to forgive yourself and keep moving forward with being the best you in 2018!