Supporting young people into employment

UK Youth Employment Rates

Our Young Futures Survey 2020 revealed that 88.5% of participants (aged 16-25) agree or strongly agreed that the pandemic had negatively impacted career opportunities for all young people. Before the crisis, there were more than 700,000 young NEETs (Not in Education, Employment and Training) in the UK, with this number expected to rise. It’s clear that more needs to be done to support young job seekers into the workforce.

As of Feb 2024, there were 1.49 million unemployed people in the UK in January to March 2024, an increase of 103,000 from the previous year (stats from UK Government).

– The unemployment rate for 16‑24 year olds was 13.0%, an increase from 11.6% a year before.

– 540,000 young people aged 16-24 were unemployed in January to March 2024, 33,000 more than the year before.

We’re here to help adults who are not in training or employment to engage with the workforce and find a fulfilling career that suits them.

This crisis has also revealed the value of our NHS service. We understand that the healthcare workforce is critical in responding to health crises. With so many young people out of employment, we should be looking towards the NHS as a core recruiter for young NEETs. Widening access to healthcare positions will not only strengthen our NHS, it will improve employment rates in a post-COVID-19 society.

How are Generation Medics Supporting Young People into employment?

We aim to develop these young people, to enrich their placement experiences and help to set them up for future employability.
We provide:
  • Support for Kickstart trainees
  • Off-the-job training for Healthcare Apprentices
  • Virtual Healthcare Academy 16-19 yr olds
  • Virtual Healthcare Academy for Adults 20+ yr olds
  • Work experience and internship opportunities
  • Generation Medics is providing training specially designed for healthcare employers supporting young people on the government’s Kickstart Scheme launched in 2020.

Support for Kickstarters

Our Kickstarter training programme includes:

Support for young people to look for long-term employment

Teamwork, communication and organisation core skill development

CV and Interview Preparation

Support for Healthcare Apprentices

Our OTJ (off-the-job) training programme includes:

Support for young people to look for long-term employment,  apprenticeship vacancies and entry-level NHS roles

Teamwork, communication and organisation core skill development

CV, Application and Interview Preparation

Supporting the Future Generation through our
Virtual Healthcare Academy

Our Virtual Healthcare Academy provides 100+ hours of insights, eCourses, opportunities and a supportive community of fellow aspiring healthcare professionals.

Our Two Streams

16-19 year olds

In partnership with Mid and South Essex NHS Trust, This programme connects Mid and South Essex school pupils with healthcare professionals in order to improve their knowledge of healthcare careers and support their progression to university and apprenticeships.

Adults (20+)

We have branched out into supporting adult employability in Halton. As part of the virtual academy, adults can access tailored support to develop their skills and help them find the right healthcare career for them. This includes careers and interview guidance, plus guidance for their next steps

Our Programmes

Our Virtual Healthcare Academy is divided into two programmes
Core Programme

Designed to offer core information, insights and a supportive community of peers to explore, plan and begin a career in healthcare.

Members Library
Personalised Support Programme

Our enhanced programme offers more tailored information,  resources and roadmaps for users who enrol on this membership. Membership unlocks 100hrs+ of insights, ecourses, opportunities and a supportive community to explore, plan and begin careers in healthcare.


Immersive Healthcare (Virtual) Work Experience for the Next Generation of Professionals

NHS Structured Virtual Work Experience by Generation Medics
Our immersive Virtual Work Experience Programme imparts skills for enrollees to highlight on their CV, a proactive introduction to different clinical and non-clinical roles and the opportunity to reflect on the experience with their peers

Organisational Social Impact

We live the values we champion.

We support youth employment through our internal work experience and internship programmes

Alongside our wider work, Generation Medics also recruits through work experience and internship programmes, equipping young people with transferrable skills, crucial industry experience and encouraging personal development.

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