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This is the place for all undergrad and postgrad students, welcome!

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Who are we?

Generation Medics [formerly Help Me I’m a Medic] are a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are supported by the NHS to offer career-spanning support to present and future healthcare professionals.

About us

We're people who have walked down the same road

Our aim is to offer you valuable formal services and opportunities that’ll help you achieve your goals through our professional non-profit that’s sustainable for future generations.

Health Careers Advice

Why should you consider a career in healthcare?

Over 350 healthcare careers to choose from

Different academic entry-points to suit many abilities

Job opportunities with one of the world’s largest employers, the NHS

What can we do for you?

Peer support

Our forum offers you the unique opportunity to join our community. Speak to other students and professionals in your field and others. It gives you the opportunity to share advice, tips and information first-hand!

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Before you can join the conversation you’ll need to register to be a member of our community which takes less than a minute! Why not register today?

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Also on the forum, you’ll find younger people who are still in secondary school or sixth form/college. Join their conversations and share your experiences and advice with them so they can benefit from you too.

To find out more about other ways you can get involved with us through our volunteering opportunities. Head to our work with us page.

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On our website

In addition to the forum, we have resources, courses, blogs and revision materials. All created by our team of students and professionals to help you succeed. To access them you’ll need to register for a free account and take a look around! We’re constantly updating the site so it’s worth checking back regularly.

Explore our blogs

We have a huge bank of invite-only resources covering every aspect of your career journey and beyond. You can view all these on our site that we’ll share with you as we get to know you on the forum and through your site profile. We’re constantly updating those areas so that they’re full of information that’s useful to you.

We’re a friendly and flexible team. If there’s something you need that we don’t have then just ask us and we’ll see what we can do.

Videos and YouTube

We have curated many useful playlists including one each with Motivational and Medical TedTalks. We share our own videos too – it can all be found on our YouTube channel.

YouTube channel

Social Media

Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We will keep you updated with the latest medical news and research and also our news, resources and course releases.

We’re also on Snapchat – add us @GenMedX to have the latest updates from us. Get day-to-day snaps and get a sneak peek behind the scenes!

Be sure to take a look at our Pinterest. We have loads of cool boards which you might be interested in or find useful. For example, we dedicate a board to Medical Art and another for Medical Universities across the world. We even have another for Science Experiments you could try!

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Throughout the year we hold revision sessions, arrange mock exams and offer various other face-to-face courses. Helping you to gain experience and get the confidence you need to succeed.

We also run meet-up sessions where you can come along and socialise with our community.  Whilst doing something fun like going for Pizza or learning about Medical Plants. So keep an eye out for the next event


We’re here with you through every step of your career.

As well as helping you achieve academically by supporting you through revision, we offer career-enhancing opportunities. Aiming to help you gain important experience and develop valuable skills that’ll help you get ahead in your career.

These opportunities depend on where you want to access them (online or face-to-face) and the length of time that you can commit. If you want to get involved you can fill out an application form and from there we will offer you opportunities that we feel will benefit you.

We have other opportunities to work with us which will help with your professional development. We also share valuable career-development blogs, videos, and information across social media, in our forum and on the blog to aide your self-study.

Work with us

As soon as our next event is advertised we’ll update this to let you know what’s happening and when

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Here’s a sneak peak at some of the blogs we have on our site! Like what you see? Head to our blogs page to have a look at our other blogs, we’ll be uploading weekly.

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Get involved with the forum, share your experiences, speak with like-minded people and offer support to younger pupils.If you haven’t already done so, become a member to join the conversation.

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Work with us

Share your story and experiences, inspire the next generation. Head to our work with us page for more information about getting involved & what opportunities there are for you.

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