The Complete Personal Statement Builder



By the end of the builder you will have:

– a good understanding of how to begin and conclude your UCAS personal statement
– considered what makes a good health professional
– explained your achievements in a logical and concise manner

– a better understanding of what transferable skills are
– detailed guidance on how to reflect on experiences
– the tools necessary to explain your achievements and experiences in the way that admissions tutors look for

– all your experiences written down in a way that means that they can be added into any future job application
– ideas for how to present your experiences and achievements in your personal statement
– advice on how to help you edit your personal statement down so that it fits within the UCAS line and character-limit

– hints and tips that will make building your personal statement a lot easier!

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Writing your application to university can be daunting if you don’t know what to include and what the admissions tutors will be looking for.

We’ve created this comprehensive builder to help you write a great personal statement that truly reflects who you are and enhances the points that admissions tutors are looking for.

We’ve collated advice on personal statements from universities across the UK and teamed it with our interactive and thought-provoking activities that will help you to identify and write about your best experiences to include in your statement.