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Reflection Diary

Maximise your experiences by transforming them into genuine learning. Great for developing higher-level thinking and problem solving too! ✨

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that university applicants are finding it more difficult than normal to access work experience.

Medical School Deans have said that applicants should spend time reflecting on their experiences... but how??

We've created this reflection diary to help you!

You can use this reflection diary to:

  • Organise all your experiences for your application during the pandemic in one document
  • Identify what experiences you will use in your personal statement and at interview
  • Develop deeper reflections on your experiences
  • Evidence your proactive approach to gaining insights for your application

This is an interactive download which means you can write in the boxes instead of printing it out 😊 just make sure you hit save before you close it! 🚨

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