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Generation Medics' Pop Up Hospital™️

Bringing the NHS Hospital, its staff, students and equipment into schools

Generation Medics' Pop-up Hospital can come to my school, my college, my careers fair, my open day, my university, my hospital, my community centre

What is the Pop-up Hospital?

hands-on experience

Explore by doing! Get hands-on practical experience of different careers in healthcare ✨

explore career options

Learn about a variety of careers, understand how different roles relate and the pathways to becoming them 🚀

meet the professionals

Led by our friendly team of current healthcare professionals & students who walk the walk and talk the talk 👋🏾

GCSE Revision
"I am convinced - and there is a lot of research to support this - that students who meet professionals from various employment sectors are better motivated, achieve better academic results and are less likely to become NEET. Generation Medics' excellent programmes can provide this meaningful interaction for school pupils."
Careers Coordinator

The Pop-Up Hospital is a unique opportunity for your students to immerse themselves in an NHS Hospital, learning from real NHS staff and students at your school, college or youth club!

As the biggest employer in the UK and with hundreds of healthcare careers available, there’s a real chance that your students could find their future career path in the NHS – but they can’t aspire to what they don’t know. That’s where we can help.

Our Pop-Up Hospital lets your students explore and understand a wide range of medical and healthcare careers, and through fun hands-on practical experiences taught by people who do this for the NHS everyday, they can decide if any of these careers are for them.

What’s more, they’ll get to hear the stories of real people who have been where they are and are now in the roles that they’re exploring! After the event your students can continue to be supported by our team through our online platform where they’ll find hundreds of pages of helpful info, blogs and videos as well as a forum where they can post questions and get answers directly from professionals and trainees.

Our proven workshops have a 100% recommendation rate from students and teachers, are recommended by NHS professionals and have even been commissioned by the Department for Education! What’s not to love?

Each Pop-Up Hospital is tailored to its audience – we’ll work with anyone aged 6+! 


We have programmes for:

✅ Primary Schools (Y1-6)

✅ Secondary Schools (Y7-11)

✅ Colleges and Sixth Form (Y11-13’s+)

✅ University students, apprentices and researchers

✅ Health professionals & adults considering career changes


We tailor the Pop-up Hospital’s workshop activities and the amount of career-pathway guidance for each age group, and hit lots of the Gatsby Benchmarks for best-practice in Careers Education on the way.


The Pop-Up hospital can last anywhere from 30mins – 5 full days (we can give insights into hundreds of different careers so there’s plenty to cover!)  

We tailor the duration based on what suits you, for example we could run a Pop-Up that lasts a day (5 hours) for a whole year group, or we could run 1 hour sessions that we repeat 5 times in a school day to reach more of your students and only get them off timetable for one lesson. It’s totally up to you. 


Number of students: 

We can deliver to a small group, a classroom or a full year group of students at once.



We’re flexible on space requirements, but it really depends on numbers: a classroom, your school hall or a couple of stalls at a careers fair all work for us.

The cost will depend on audience numbers, duration and the amount of space available.


We’re a non-profit organisation, so our prices don’t break the bank and offer good value for money!


Complete this form and we’ll get in touch to discuss your requirements and budget.

Simply fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to organise your Pop-up Hospital

our supporters

Bruce Keogh, NHS, Medical director
“The work that Generation Medics do is great and I fully support them to continue to expand and help more young people!”

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh

NHS England's Former National Medical Director

Current Chair, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

“I think what Generation Medics does is so important. I’m a passionate supporter of social mobility and the work that Generation Medics does.”

colonel sara hurley

The Chief Dental Officer for england

Sara Hurley Chief Dental Officer

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