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⇢ Access to members-only resources

⇢ Access to our members-only forum where you can ask your questions directly to the rest of the community

⇢ Connect with others who have the same concerns and questions as you

No there isn’t. Becoming a member of our site is completely free.

You don’t even need to put in your card information!

It all started with a group of health professionals catching up over coffee. 

Why isn’t there a community for super awesome people who want to help support those who want to do what we’ve done?

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Our partner schools say

"I am convinced - and there is a lot of research to support this - that students who meet professionals from various employment sectors are better motivated, achieve better academic results and are less likely to become NEET. Generation Medics' excellent programmes can provide this meaningful interaction for school pupils."
Careers Coordinator
"There are some kids that don't even dare to have that dream. They just think it's not for them it's for other people. Generation Medics is opening that door for them. Enabling them that dream, that inspiration
Deputy Headteacher
"I believe the sessions have given our pupils a better awareness of the careers in health and care. It has inspired some of our younger students to work harder as they've decided this is what they want to do. For others, they have been inspired to think about career progression and pick the A-Level subjects that they need."
Head of Careers
"I was very impressed by Generation Medics' sessions for our high-achieving pupils. Even those who took part in activities and were not interested in healthcare enjoyed the day because there were lots of fun activities and practical applications of science that they'd never have access to otherwise. The least they'll have gained from the workshops is the valuable opportunity to consider and develop employability and life skills to prepare them for the world of work after school."
Science Teacher