Looking After Yourself During Results Season

Once the last exam is finished, the countdown to that dreaded day in August is on. Looking after yourself during results season can be hard.

Results day, and the few days leading up to it, is filled with a whirlwind of emotion, restless nights and often a lot of self-doubt – well it was for me!

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula to make all this go away. But here are a few tips to help you to look after yourself during results season.

 1. Talking 🗣️

The days leading up to results day can feel very lonely. I know I felt like the only person in the world feeling so nervous and unsure, which can be very isolating. In reality though, everyone feels worried, even if it’s just a little.

So, arranging to meet up with friends for a coffee in the days leading up to results day or having a group chat, can be that little reminder that you are not on your own and there are people there who have gone through it as well.

Equally mentioning to parents or other family that you are a bit worried can be an opportunity to get the uncertainty off your chest. They haven’t necessarily gone through what you have, but they will listen, and often talking it out, (especially that one question you felt like you needed a PhD to answer), can take a weight off your shoulders.

Remember, we feel panicked by our friends and peers if they start to talk about their own answers to the exam and what they think the right answer was/is (this happens every time!) in the run up to the big day. We shouldn’t dwell on the past and we can’t change how the exam went, but we can control our stress levels. If your friends start to do this and you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to either change the subject or let them know you don’t want to talk about it anymore

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 2. Health ❤️

This is going to sound very basic. But sleeping, (I decided that an entire night of Netflix was better than sleep – not the best decision I have ever made), eating, drinking and looking after your general health is still very important. No matter what happens on results day, the world carries on turning, and you need to be strong to start planning that next step towards university, a gap year etc.

Focusing and stressing constantly on one day will not be helpful to you in the long-run. So, keep sleeping and eating, spend days outside, and have some distractions such as spending time at the gym or reading that book or watching that movie/TV programme you never got around to doing because of revision.

You are the most important thing; not your exam results.

No exam or result is ever worth your health; physical or mental.

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You’re not a superhero, it’s ok to not feel ok.

 3. Remember the Positives 👍

The easiest thing to do in hindsight is to focus on all the things you feel went wrong.

The negatives have a way sticking to the forefront of your mind and all the positives… – well it can sometimes seem like there are none. The truth however is that there will be things that went well, and it’s important to try and focus on them. For every exam try to think of the things that were good and remember doing well doesn’t mean it was perfection.

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 4. Social Media 📱

This can be great. The memes, pictures and videos that resonate with the pains of being a student can put a smile on your face and be that reminder that you are not alone and people across the country feel as you do.

Also, the ability to stay in touch with family and friends at your fingertips is a very important source of comfort and support that you should hold onto.

However; Social media can also be filled with people posting snide and hurtful comments, “unofficial mark schemes” can be unnecessary speculation, and other comments can be very disheartening.

In the run up to results day hold onto the social media that makes you feel positive and provides comfort, for instance your favourite group chats and that twitter account that always makes you laugh. If what you see online makes you feel more down, worried or upset, close it down.

If you’re finding the time around results day really hard to deal with, please reach out to family, friends or even a health professional.

Looking after yourself around a period filled with nerves, stress and uncertainty can be hard, but trying to focus on the positives, talking to those close to you, being careful with social media, keeping your health in check and holding onto to the help around you on the day itself, can make that time much more manageable and positive.

If you have some tips for how to deal with results day stress, why not share them in a comment below! 👇👇👇


  1. charlotte tilb

    This is so important and everyone should have a look at!! I remember when I went through results day myself last year!! Looking after yourself can be really hard!