Holiday activity programmes

Fun and interactive clubs led by professionals and students to inspire the next generation into medicine and healthcare

Proven track-record

Fun, interactive and educational holiday activities

100% recommendation rate from students

We offer a range of proven programmes that allow young people to experiment, explore, learn and have fun.

Summer Camp

We offer programmes that deep-dive into science, medicine and healthcare – building on what’s learnt in school by introducing real-life scenarios

Medical Research Project

We offer mentoring programmes and careers support that not only raise attainment and aspirations, but also improve self-confidence, self-belief and mental wellbeing

Innovation Camp

We offer medical innovation programmes to encourage young people to creatively solve real-world problems whilst learning all about cutting edge technologies and techniques

Inspire your students to explore science and related careers


Increase Attainment

Students who take part in our holiday programmes feel more confident and motivated. We’re relating the skills they’re developing to their future career options and this helps them to feel empowered.

Raise Aspirations

Connect your students with relatable role models who’ll give them a hand-up the career ladder and help them build skills for their future.

Filling the holiday hunger gap

During the summer holidays when free school meal provision is unavailable many families have to make difficult choices to afford the extra £30 to £40 per week to ensure their children can have a balanced diet. We’re able to deliver filling the holiday gap provision. Healthier pupils make better learners.

Inspire your students to explore science and related careers

4000+ real healthcare professional and student volunteers across the UK

Supported by the former NHS Medical Director, the National Clinical Director for Innovation and the Chief Dental Officer

Previously funded by local authorities and the DfE

Frequently asked questions

Our fun, engaging clubs are delivered by our specially trained team of *awesome* healthcare professionals and students who are all DBS-checked. 

Our team are friendly, fun and engaging and share their real stories of how they got to where they are and the realities of their lives as trainees and professionals. They give young people a real hands-on insight into healthcare and building their knowledge and skills for the future. They take time out of their work and study because they care about inspiring the next generation.

Our clubs are suitable for years 1-12 – we tailor the curriculum of the holiday programmes based on the age range and ability of young people.

The clubs are perfect for children and young people with inquisitive minds and a thirst for knowledge as they provide them with the knowledge and confidence to consider STEM subjects as they grow and develop throughout school and beyond.

Our holiday programmes typically take place in the heart of local communities at school, college or university premises. A classroom, science lab or hall is fine! 

We run after-school clubs too inside of term-time. Search ‘After-school clubs’ in the top bar of the website to find out more.

We believe that every child, no matter what their background is or where they’re from, should have the opportunity to explore careers so they can find a future pathway that ignites a spark in them that’ll help motivate them to reach their potential. But we know from our own lived experience that that’s not always possible.

Generation Medics was founded on the belief that knowledge is power, and the realisation that many students miss out on accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information, advice and opportunities that can help them find a foothold in the public health sector. 


Our holiday programmes offer children and young people the opportunity to have fun and learn-by-doing whilst building the knowledge and skills they’ll need to thrive in the future.


100% of the young people who have taken part in our holiday programmes would recommend them to others and would like to come back again!

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