The Virtual Healthcare Academy Essex has opened its doors online. Sign up for free to explore careers in healthcare and get support on your journey

About the Virtual Healthcare Academy

The Virtual Healthcare Academy has been designed by current healthcare staff and trainees to help you 👋🏽

It's entirely focused on helping you explore and work towards a future career in healthcare!

You’ll learn all about the variety of careers on offer, what they’re really like and how to train in them. 

It’s packed with practical training and resources on all aspects of taking you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It’s perfect for everyone – whether you’re sure your future career lies in healthcare or you’d just like to know what your options are 🔎

PLUS it’s completely free!! Space is limited so apply now to secure your spot

What's included?

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Virtual Healthcare Academy - CORE Online Access

Access our Core Virtual Healthcare Academy to learn more about careers available in healthcare through information, insights, and a supportive community to explore, plan and begin your career in healthcare.


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Virtual Healthcare Academy - ENHANCED Online Access

Our enhanced Virtual Healthcare Academy offers everything included in the core programme PLUS it unlocks personalised support in the form of 100+ hours of insights, e-courses, opportunities and a supportive community to explore, plan and begin your career in healthcare.


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LIVE Healthcare Careers Workshops

Join us for free online workshops and live Q&A with healthcare professionals and trainees designed to help you explore roles in healthcare.
Suitable for Y9+


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Mentoring Programme

Join our professional mentoring programme to benefit from being linked up with a current healthcare trainee who will help you work towards your future goals. Space is very limited


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Virtual Healthcare Work Experience

Our innovative online work experience programme allows you to gain valuable healthcare work experience – exploring a range of professions – all from the comfort of your own home! Ideal for those in Y11+


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How do I join the Virtual Healthcare Academy?

The process is simple!

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Check if you’re eligible to apply to join our Virtual Healthcare Academy in Essex.

Just scroll down to find out – the criteria is listed below

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Complete and submit our short  application form.

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Look out for the good news to hit your inbox!  🤩🥳⭐️🥳🤩

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Virtual Healthcare Academy Essex
Eligibility Criteria

You must meet all of the criteria to be eligible to join this programme

  • You're aged 13 or over

  • You live in Basildon or Wickford

  • You attend a State-School or State-Funded College

  • A teacher will act as a referee for your application

Get involved

If you live or work in Mid and South Essex and want to be involved in this programme the process is simple – just sign up using the form below to find out more

School Teachers and Advisers

Want us to work with the pupils at your school or college?

Young People

Want to come to a workshop or get work experience at the hospital?

Are you a health or social care professional? Would you like to help inspire the next generation? We want to hear from you!

Apply to join the Virtual Healthcare Academy

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above then all you need to do to sign up is complete the form here!

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