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the health work experience project

Our *awesome* team of medics created this worthwhile project to help you get valuable experience. This is a project that’s been commended by university admissions tutors and healthcare professionals across the country!


get valuable experience

The Health Work Experience has been uniquely designed to help you get valuable experience, insight and skills for your future career.

stand out from the crowd

It's not easy to get worthwhile work experience so this project helps you maximise the experience you do get and stand out from others in a good way!

How does the project work?

The Health Work Experience Project has six stages which you’ll need to complete before you can submit it to us for your certificate. Find out more about the stages below.


The Project is self-directed. That means that you’re in charge of your progress and you’ll need to find your work experience. The course on our site will help walk you through each stage and we’ll be around online to support you if we can!

There are 6 stages to the Project:

1️⃣ Pledge to get started

The first stage is the “pledge” stage. You’ll pledge to learn more about one of 4 health conditions.

You can choose to learn more about Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Dementia or Diabetes. Your whole project will be centred around this one condition so it’s an important choice to make.

2️⃣ Research

In this stage you’ll learn more about your chosen condition.  

You’ll begin by doing this online and in books, giving you a great foundation of knowledge to build on.

3️⃣ Act

This is the stage when you’ll get out and meet patients, their families and the healthcare professionals involved. You’ll request work experience in lots of different settings and might even contact charities & organisations to spend a day with a patient!

4️⃣ Reflect

A super important skill for all healthcare professionals is reflection. You’ll practice it in this stage. You’ll think about what you’ve learnt, and what you’ll take away.

5️⃣ Educate

In this stage you’ll share what you’ve learnt by presenting your project to a group of people. Lots of students choose to present at their MedSoc, others in an assembly or even in a mini tutorial with your form tutor and a science teacher. We don’t mind how big the crowd is, but they will need to send us feedback!

6️⃣ Share

The last stage is to share your completed project with us to complete your project and get your certificate!

You’ll send us a short project summary – either 400 words or a 2 min video – and we’ll send you your certificate and BAM your project will be complete! 🥳

Periodically throughout the year, groups of medics will come together to review the submissions and award the best with special certificates & opportunities for publishing!


You’ll be able to see the deadline for the next review when you get started on the project.

  • Taking part in the project will allow you to:
  • ➡︎ Increase your knowledge by pursuing your interests
  • ➡︎ Carry out independent research using our structured system
  • ➡︎ Get valuable work experience in a variety of settings
  • ➡︎ Use this project to support your application form to Medical School and for training posts as a junior doctor
  • ➡︎ Cause action by volunteering to a worthwhile cause 
  • ➡︎ Increase awareness of medical conditions in society

The admin fee is currently £15.


As a responsible and socially-conscious non-profit, we’re always looking for ways to fund this project so it’s free for you. Sometimes your school or college might offer to pay for you. 


If you can’t afford the admin fee there is a small bursary available on a first-come-first-served basis. Send us a message to to ask us about the bursary.

The Health Work Experience Project is closed for 2018! Fill out this form below to register your interest to take part beginning late January 2019


Yes, absolutely!


Whilst this Project offers a fantastic additional way of getting experience, shadowing healthcare professionals will help you understand their role better and so we would never suggest you don’t try. We know it’s hard to get that experience, so that’s why we created this Project.

Register interest in completing the health work experience project

The Project will reopen in late January 2019 so we’ll contact you then.


"The Health Work Experience Project gives you more than you would get from traditional work experience - shadowing a doctor for a few days. Medicine is about more than just clinical conditions. It's about our patients and their families. This project will help you build valuable skills that will make you a better doctor, dentist or other healthcare professional."
Consultant (Doctor)
"I first did the Health Work Experience in Y12 when I was struggling to get shadowing experience. I ended up meeting patients and carers and I learnt so much. I even managed to get my local hospital to let me shadow in the outpatient's department!"
2nd Year Medical Student


Not recently active