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It all started with a group of health professionals catching up over coffee. 

They wondered why it was still such a big problem for people to access up-to-date information, advice and opportunities related to healthcare careers… it had been when they were at school too.

Eventually, they spent all of their spare time travelling up and down the country to help people and that’s how Generation Medics began!

You can read our full story here

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Our students say

"Becoming a community member on Generation Medics' website is quick and easy. In addition to allowing me to connect with my peers, I also get the opportunity to give back by answering questions from young people across the country. There are so many opportunities to get involved."
4th Year Medic @ Birmingham
"I met Generation Medics before I got into uni. I started off by attending their face-to-face and I'm really happy that they've now got this online area too. There are so many benefits to being connected with Generation Medics but for me I love that I find out about opportunities and learn more about my future career."
3rd Year Medic @ Bristol
"I wish I had found out about Generation Medics when I was younger! Being part of a really collaborative community who are really interested in supporting you to grow and succeed is really amazing. We're supportive of each other and we care about making a worthwhile change for the future of the NHS."
Neuroscience Student @ Oxford
"I've written blogs and created resources for the student and trainees members on the Generation Medics site. Things that I would have loved when I was younger. Me and my team at work often speak about the types of information and opportunities afforded to young people. Generation Medics is democratising access so that anyone from any background can access them. It's my pleasure to be involved."
Consultant and Senior Lecturer