GCSE Revision- What Is Everyone saying?

Sitting your GCSE’s can be a super stressful time. Everyone deals with GCSE stress in different ways.

As summer exams near, some of you will be revising for your GCSE exams. Everyone has their own experience and feelings towards them and sometimes it’s helpful to share your experience and gain some words of wisdom.

Here are a few opinions across Twitter:

Can you relate?? 🙋🙋🙋

exam revision techniques- burying your head in the sand

Here, one Twitter user shares a few supportive words with everyone doing their GCSE’s ❤

GCSE Revision- positive vibes. You can do this!

This Twitter user has some advice to give to all parents of students sitting their GCSE’s  👍

GCSE revision Support

One student has decided to take a break from Twitter so that he can focus on his exam revision, will you be following suit?

Deleting Social Media to focus on GCSE REVISION

Current panic level?  🤣🤣🤣

Some Twitter users are feeling the pressure 😰🙅⚠


If you’ve been feeling the pressure, look out for our revision tips on social media (if you’re still using them!)

GCSE Revision support for aspiring health professionals

Have you got any useful tips for anyone currently doing their GCSE’s? Share them and comment below 👇👇👇