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    Revision. Hacks. Required!

    Will be received with love ❤️

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      James GenMedX

      Revision isn’t fun, feel for you Hanna. Flashcards work for me. Condensing everything down helps me really learn and understand

      Be interested to hear what works for other people

      Good Luck 🙂

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        Katherine GenMedX

        One of my housemates makes revision songs! 🎶

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    Hello, I got A and B in gcse and I got C in my alevels I have started adult nursing but I really want to do medicine but my anxiety is really holding me back with exam performance. What routes are open for me.

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    charlotte tilb

    Hello everyone! I just finished my first year studying nursing, can’t believe it is already over! Any advice for the following years from second or third year students?? 🙂

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      Hi Charlotte,

      You’re joining a great profession (I’m not just saying that because I’m a nurse!)

      You’ll find that as you progress through your nursing degree you’ll be given more responsibility from your mentors. I found that timemanagement was more and more important because you have to juggle assignments, exams and clinical placements.

      Here’s my top 3 pieces of advice for nursing students going into 2nd/3rd year:

      1. If you can keep on top of assignmnets, sign-offs etc
      2. as well as maintaining a good rapport with your mentor and personal tutor you’ll do well.
      3. aving a good group of friends to rely on when you’re stressing is also a must, remember no-one is an island.

      What’s nice is that you’ll rotate through different departments and you’ll learn alot about specific specialties. This will help you decide what you enjoy and ultimately could help you decide which job to apply for on graduation.

      Ultimately enjoy your time at uni because it’s a life-changing experience.

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    Hi. I am preparing for my first-year medical exams. I’m really worried about how much information I have to remember and how the results could impact the rest of my degree. Does anyone have any insights or tips?


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    Welcome to the thread specifically for undergraduates studying a health or science degrees and for apprentices!

    Here you can ask questions about careers in health and share your experience of your studies/training.