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      Fatima K

      Hello 👋👋👋

      I’m Fatima, I came to NADC this year and it was truly life-changing. Am going to start college this yr *hopefully*🙏🙏🙏

      My dream is to become a doctor or dentist – I now know how to get there now just got to do it!

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      I’m Aqsa I just got my results and I won’t be going into Medicine this year. Am looking at alternative options that will mean I can still meet and treat patients.

      People think I’m giving up on my dream, but I tryed really hard and think it wasn’t right for me… It hurts, but I’ve learnt more about what i want in the future so this can help me make a better choice for me now.

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      Ben, im a paramedic currently freelancing around the NHS and other private entities after a 3.5 yr career within the NHS. Looking into the Graduate Entry medicine Programs currently around the UK.

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        Rupert GenMedX

        Hi Aqsa,

        Looking into alternative options is absolutely brilliant! The NHS have new roles such as physisican associates, this might be worth looking into and we have an upcoming blog about this subject!


        Success is the sum of small efforts,
        repeated day in and day out.

        Robert Collier

        Best of luck!🙌


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      Hi my names Chloe and I introduced myself in august 2017 saying I was starting college in that september. well i’d like to reintroduce mysefl, i’m Chloe and I’m about to start my dream course adult nursing at my dream uni!! can’t wait to start!

      thanks to everyone at generation medics for your help!!

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      James GenMedX

      Hey everyone

      We’ve got a dedicated space for anyone wanting advice or support over Exam Results Season

      >> Find the IB, SQA and A Level Results Day 2019 forum here <<

      Like I said that’s the place to talk about how you’ve done and to post questions. We’re linking to lots of useful support there and our *much requested* Official Medicine in Clearing 2019 guide will be going live there before midnight tonight!


      Be sure to also check out our Exam Results 2019 Resource Centre for all of our Results Day support: *click here to be magically transported there*

      Good luck from myself and the whole team at Generation Medics — and remember, there are multiple paths to the same destination 😉

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      Delan GenMedX

      Hi all,

      I’m Delan, a Dental Student studying at Birmingham! I’ll be going into my 4th year this September.

      Getting into Dental School is no easy task, and there’s a lot of boxes to tick and hoops to jump through, however it’s worth it for sure!

      I’d love to offer my knowledge and experience to those interested in a career in Dentistry, whether it be on how to get in, what dental school is like or student life in general!



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      Aaron GenMedX

      Hi All!

      I understand that I am a bit late with introducing myself on this board as I know I was informed to do this a while a go, so I do apologise!

      Anyway, I am Aaron! a medical student studying at Leicester university and I have just finished my second year, going into 3rd at the end of August!

      Getting into medicine for me was always a bit of a struggle as no one in my family had gone to university, nor had any experience in the medical field! So, it was hard to say the least!

      Therefore, I would love to share my experience and give advice to those wanting to enrol on a career in medicine whom may have a similar background to myself.



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      Hi my name is Raf and I think I’d like to be a nurse

      Any one else out there who’d like to be a nurse?

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        Hi All!

        I’m Thalia and I am just starting my A-levels with an aspiration to study either Medicine or Dentistry in the future.

        I’ve wanted to have a career to stop suffering for a long time now, physical and mental, and although I don’t know what specialization yet, I will study hard to get to this goal 🙂 It’s my dream job: Social interaction with patients whilst making a difference!

        I am still unsure about which university I want to apply to and how to successfully get work experience, for Medicine specifically, so any advice would be much appreciated!

        Thalia xox

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      Hi, my names simran and im interested in working either as a neonatal nurse/neonatologist or a paediatrician, as i love little babies and would love to help poorly young children!

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        That’s so cool! what made you know you were interested in that?

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      Hi, my name is Tom and I’m currently in year 12 (sixth form), studying maths, chemistry and biology. I’m currently in the process of deliberating whether I want to apply to Oxford/Cambridge for medicine and whether it is worth using one of my four options for somewhere very difficult to get into.

      I actually came to the Aspiring Healthcare Professionals Conference in Birmingham yesterday and spoke to a student at Cambridge, named Ella, who offered to show me some examples of Cambridge personal statements by commenting on a forum to let her know it was me.

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      Hi. I’ve just found this website.

      My name is Sarah, or Dr Zach to my patients and I am a GP in Scotland.

      I am from North Wales and after a gap year went to Edinburgh Uni. After lots of deliberation I decided to specialise in general practice as it would give me lots of opportunity to travel and become involved in local public health projects.

      I now wear lots of different hats and find my job so exciting. I work as a GP, but also am a representative on the Local Medical Committee which helps support other GP’s and the development of a effective interactions with hospital medicine.

      I have also been an expedition and humanitarian doctor on many different trips.

      I am also the medical advisor for Augment Bionics, a student led start up that is working towards providing highly functioning prosthetics for NHS patients. I also visit local schools to encourage medicine as a career.

      GP really is a great area. In no particular order, here’s why….

      I don’t have to pay for hospital parking (this probably sounds like a silly reason but it really can count up!), I have much more control over the time and hours I work. I can work anywhere in the world and I can work in the country (where house prices are cheaper)!

      I see families in their own homes and get to know and identify the real issues that may be preventing them from maintaining good health and we work together to find achievable options for their set of circumstances. It is far from textbook medicine in most cases and takes patience, problem solving and a positive, friendly attitude.

      We need more GP’s worldwide (so please consider).  I hope to look forward to working with you in the future whatever your chosen path is, and if you need a helping hand or some advice on how to get there, I’d be happy to help.

      Good luck (sorry for such a long post!)

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      Hi I’m Tom, I currently study Biomed science, however my intention is to study Post-Graduate Medicine once my current degree is finished. If anyone has any advice or even any things that you would recommend that I do before I apply in the future (e.g A certain Work Experience) that would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you 🙂

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      Hello my name is Tim and I’m a GP trained and working  in the South West of England.


      Ive worked on projects trying to improve access to work experience placements and currently work in a role helping support GP trainee doctors return to work (SuppoRTT) after a period of time out.

      I only discovered this site today following links from one of my neighbouring regions SuppoRTT websites and looks like a great resource!

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      Hi Everyone, I’m Nathan.

      I studied Genetics and university and now I’ve just joined Generation Medics!

      I really hope I might be able to help answer any questions you might have and maybe provide some useful insight for people making decisions on their next steps.

      Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions directly, I’m always up for a chat and laugh

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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      Hello Everyone!

      My name is Lydia and I’m the Generation Medics Digital Health Champion. I have worked in the NHS as a doctor for the last 6 years and I specialise in Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery. I’m the acting Programme Lead for the NHS Digital Academy where we teach digital health to senior leaders in the NHS. I took a few years out of medicine whilst exploring digital health which I’m happy to discuss with others considering time out.

      Digital health (also called clinical informatics) has been around for a long time but has recently been much more visible in healthcare and the media. It covers the use of technology to deliver care and manage information.

      Please get in touch if you have any questions about anything above. Happy to help in any way I can!

      Best wishes,

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      Hello there, my name is John

      I am in year 12 at the moment and in the process of choosing which subject I will have to take as an As level. I have wanted to go into medicine for the last five years, I can’t imagine a better career for combining the sciences with the chance to interact with others. I have only just found out about this website and am very pleased to meet you all.

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        James GenMedX

        Welcome John, great to meet you too!

        Choosing A Levels/AS’s can be tough. We have a couple of blogs on this coming out soon. Best advice would be to take a look at our list of all the UK Medical Schools here, and from there pick out at least 10-12 that you’re interested in. Click through to their websites and then check out which subjects they require. Almost all require Chemistry, most like Biology but the third and any additional choices could be less sciencey. Check out the requirements.

        If you have more questions you can get answers by current medics in this forum here, and like I said to @alice332 you can hit up your peers in your common room 🙂


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      hi everyone I’m Alice and I have wantedt o be a doctor for as long as I can remember. I dont know anyone esle who wants to go to uni near me let alone be a doctor so Im really excited to join in with this. Chris I haerd about this from cambridge uni too! did you apply to do the programme there?

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        James GenMedX

        Welcome Alice! Great to have you 🙂

        It must be really tough not having people around you. I know it was really helpful for me to have a few other people from my area interested in Medicine although we did all end up being really competitive with each other!

        Don’t worry, you have us now and we’ll help you if we can. Pop by this forum to ask questions to current medics and hit up your common room to speak to other y12’s and 13’s across the UK. You aren’t alone anymore 🙂


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      Hi I’m Chris, I’m in year 12 and I want to study medicine but I’m not sure what kind of doctor I want to be

      I got an email from Cambridge recommending you so here I am!

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        Its OK not to know what kind of doctor you want to be yet Chris dw

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      Hey I’m Hanna and I’m a second year medic in bristol

      Before I came to uni I went to your Aspiring Doctors conferences and the National medical applicants conferences at Oxford uni and that’s where I met you guys when you were still help me i’m a medic… they were both amazing and I loved the experience so much they made me sure I want to be a doctor. I’ve still got my folders from the conferences and all of my notes about the procedures i got to do!!

      I love that you guys have changed your name to Generation medics and the new site! ive  been reading the forum for a while and have signed up now because some of the lower 6th at my old school asked me questions that I thought I could share on here too to hopefully help more people

      Before I met you guys I never thought i’d be able to get into medicine or be studying in bristol! you’ve offered me support and thats been so amazing that i want to be able to help too. If you have questions feel free to ask me them

      I’d also love to find out more about what its like to work in different specialty areas because i have no idea what i’ll go into after uni!


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      Hi, my name is Sanjana and I’m an A level student studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

      I’m hoping to become a doctor but haven’t decided what field in particular, probably surgery.

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Sanjana

        Welcome to the community!

        How did your A Levels go? You can let us know in our results day forum and if you have any questions we’ll answer them there 😊

        I’m a fourth year medical student now and I can tell you that the more I see and experience Medicine, the more I love it and the less sure I become of which specific type/specialism will be the one I choose! I think it’s important that you find something you enjoy and try to do that because YOLO

        Is there any particular type of surgery that sounds good to you?


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      Hello, my name is Kate and I am an A-Level student.

      I’m in my first year at sixth form studying Biology, Psychology and Chemistry! I really enjoy Psychology and Biology, I chose to do Chemistry because I want to go into health and i read that some universities prefer health or science related A-Level subjects. I am yet to decide what degreee to do, but I think nursing or occupational therapy interests me the most 😊

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      Hi everyone,


      My name is Furkan and I have just logged on for the first time to Generation Medics. I think the website looks quite helpful, with exam questions and answers to test me whilst I’m not in revision mode.

      I was looking to start my personal statement in the next few days and I was wondering whether there are any medical staff or students that can help me start it and provide me with tips on how to successfully produce something universities are looking for.



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      Hi! I’m William. I’m 15 years old and I want to study medicine to become a doctor. I’ve always wanted to work in health and as I’ve grown older my passion and interest has grown. I’ve realised that Medicine is the route I want to go down as I am really passionate about helping people and positively impacting on a persons life! I am currently doing my GCSE’s and can’t wait to start my A-Levels! I will be studying Chemistry, Biology and Economics. Over the summer I hope to start building on my med school application and get experiences. If anyone has any tips or advice, that would be great! 🙂

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        Sarah GenMedX

        Hey William! Welcome to our community 👋

        It’s amazing to hear you’re so motivated about your future! I just wanted to share some useful resources with you so you don’t miss out on any opportunities!

        Check out our How to get into Medicine blog – it’s got a breakdown of when you should be thinking about different things, so you know if you’re on track with what you should be doing! We also have our weekly revision questions, for AS and A-Level Maths, Biology and Chemistry that would be super useful for you – find those on our ALevels blog! Hope that’s a good place to start 😊

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      Hasan A. Khan

      Hello. I’m Hasan Ali Khan …

      I’m currently a medical student at a Caribbean medical school and used to be a UK medical student. I’m also not from the UK

      so if you have any questions about

      • being a graduate medical student
      • being an international student,
      • getting into medical schools outside of the UK,
      • medical education in and outside of UK
      • how to deal with things when stuff goes wrong
      • or any other advice

      then please feel free to ask. Watch out for blog posts from me which I hope you will find beneficial 🙂


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      Hi I’m Luke

      I’m in sixth form studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have applied for medicine 2018/19 entry.

      The new medical schools blog was interesting, I guess it might be easier to get into medical school in the next few years..

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        I think the existing med schools will probabbly just keep the same requirments because they have so many applicants but i wonder what will happen with the new ones 🤔 xxH

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      Katherine GenMedX

      Hey guys!

      Are you all excited for the weekend?

      Here’s a motivational post for you all to help you kickstart your weekend on a good note. This one’s particularly important for everyone revising at the moment!

      We share our weekly Monday Motivations on our Twitter page, to keep updated follow us on twitter @genmedx 🙂

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        Hi I’m Luke.

        I’m in sixth form studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry. I have applied for medicine 2018/19 entry.

        The new medical schools blog was interesting, I guess it might be easier to get into medical school in the next few years..

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      Hello, I’m Angie, an A Level student aspiring to be a cardiothoracic surgeon!! 🙂

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        The world needs more women in surgery! 💪 xxH

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      Hi, my name is Noor and i am a GCSE student. Originally i didn’t plan on doing anything related to medicine but then as time went on i started to get more and more interested in so now here i am telling you a bit about my self, I joined this GenMedX club through school and on my first week i honestly didn’t know what to expect. as a few weeks went by this has honestly helped me so much and i’m started to enjoy medicine as a whole, so yeah thats me

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Noor

        Awesome to hear that the GenMedX club at your school helped you! 💪🏾 Are there any particular careers you’re thinking about now?


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        Hey noor

        Medicine is honestly so fun and there’s so much variety within it! Are there any job roles in particular that you’re thinking about?


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      Hello! I’m in year 10 doing my GCSEs currently and I’ve been interested in studying medicine ever since I was six. Partly because i was inspired by my parents as they both specialized in veterinary and forensic science. Also, I’m in love with biology and always ace my assessments in that subject. I hope you welcome me in this community and answer my questions fully.  🙂

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        It’s so cool thst you’ve wanted to be a doctor for so long! I’m Hanna and i’m a student studying to become a doctor. It’s not always going to be easy but if you work hard you can achieve your goals 🙂

        If you have any questions feel free to ask away!

        Good luck! xxH

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          James GenMedX

          Hi guys

          Medicine is such a broad area and its fascinating isn’t it! If either of you have any questions feel free to ask 👍🏽

          Are there any specialty areas you’re already thinking you’d enjoy working in?


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      Hello my name Thilaxshika and I’m 14 years old in Year 10. I want to study medicine and I’ve taken this option to fulfill my dreams and having my parent’s support makes me stronger everyday but I’m not sure what I want to be in the future. I also want to travel the world and help people who suffer major illnesses and those who need help. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to study medicine in the future would probably be moving out away from home as I already live away from my dad who works in Germany.

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Thilaxshika

        Another fellow #FutureDoctor 👋🏽 I’m James and I’m a fourth year medical student

        I bet it’s tough living away from your dad! The idea of moving away from home to study can be really scary, but actually almost all of the rest of your class will have done the same thing so in a way it’s really nice. I’ve met people from all over the UK and international students too who I would never have met if I stayed at home.

        There’s so many medical schools right now that you’ll probably be surprised to see that you can probably find universities to study quite close to you!

        If you’ve got any questions we’re happy to answer them here 👍🏽

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      Hi my name is Bismah and I am currently studying my GCSE in yr 10. When i’m older one of the few things i want to be is a councilor. I have always wanted to be a councilor but recently I have had a stronger passion for it. Honestly I don’t know why I want to be a councilor so bad.

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Bismah

        It’s awesome that you have a strong passion for a career and know you want to do it! Do you know much about what the role involves or how you become one? You can always ask us here – Ask for Advice from Professionals

        How was Y10? Are you nervous for Y11?

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      My name is Uwais and i am currently studying my GCSE in yr 10 and when i’m older i want to become a surgeon, a neurologist or a biomedical scientist/research into diseases. I want to do this as my sister had a brain illness and this made me look into the jobs and i felt it was interesting so i wanted to do it. My biggest hurdle i need to overcome is hitting a high grade such as a B/A in physics.

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Uwais

        That’s an inspirational reason to want to join a medical profession! So many of my friends have chosen Medicine for similar reasons. Not all universities will require Physics, so your biggest hurdle might not actually be what you think it is right now.

        Did you sit any exams before the end of Y10?

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      Hi, I’m Helen. I’m 15, going on 16 and am currently neck deep into year 11. One day I hope to enter either general practice or become a biology teacher. I’m currently studying English lang+lit, maths, chemistry, Biology, Physics, art, textiles and music. I’ve studied modern history. I’ve got ASD but I don’t let it bother me too much. And in my spare time (Or rather what’s left of it considering revision and homework have utterly dominated any time I’d previously had…) I like to escape reality and create cosplay outfits or customise dolls.

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Helen

        You must be waiting for your GCSE Results – I remember being worried in the week before! How are you feeling?

        Some of us guys here have written a blog with some tips to help support you during this time – check it out if you’re interested

        Also if you want to talk all things GCSE’s and results then check out our forum – Secondary School Common Room

        Good Luck!!

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      I’m Husnain (age 14) and I’m studying my GCSE’s. I am an advanced First Aider for St John Ambulance and I have been doing this for over a year. One of my favourite events was when I volunteered at Adams Park for Wycombe Wanderers. At the event, whilst watching the crowd I saw someone fall over the balcony. I ran to the patient only to reveal he was ok after a check-up and had no injuries. The patient was well and discharged on scene. My future hopes are to become a specialist practitioner or an advanced paramedic.

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        James GenMedX

        Hi Husnain

        Your experience as an advanced first aider sounds amazing mate. Your patient sounds lucky! I know quite a few people here at my uni who volunteer through St John’s but they are only just becoming first aiders/advanced first aiders now!!

        What options have you chosen for GCSE? 🚑


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      Hi Everyone,

      I’m Dr. Naman Bhatt I am currently working as a Radiology doctor. I’ve also been involved with lots of fun projects around medicine and medical education, I have developed e-learning material for medical education projects, help run one-on-one sessions for people trying to get in to medicine and medical students preparing for their exams. My interests lie within research and the development of new medical technologies/devices, which forms part of my Clinical Entrepreneurs Fellowship


      What is radiology?

      Radiology in medicine is a sub-speciality for doctors. Here we combine the knowledge of how the body works with physics to analyse different organs and tissues within the human body. You can think of us as detectives trying to put the clues together, the clues are pictures of the human body. We then give our opinion on what we think could be causing a patient’s symptoms, or in many cases that there is no cause identified. The clinical team can then correlate this information with all the hard work they have done (taking a history, examining the patient, looking at their social situation and their past medical history/medications) and formulate a plan for the patient.


      If anyone has any queries please feel free to get in touch! Good luck to all of you for your results and for those of you applying to a healthcare related course 🙂



      Dr. Naman Bhatt

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      Hi my name is Chloe, I’m starting college in September and want to be a nurse!

      I love Harry Potter and am a true Hufflepuff at heart.

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      I’m Sam, I’m getting my GCSE results today and I want to be a dentist or a doctor (haven’t decided which yet!)

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        Blerina GenMedX

        Good luck today Sam! Let us know how it goes 🙂 If you need any advice leave a message on the GCSE results thread!

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      Hello everyone, my name is Dr.Priya Das and I’m a Birmingham and UCL graduate.

      I am currently a NW Thames medical trainee and have attended many Generation Medics OSCE sessions. I have enjoyed working with this team and am very excited about the future timetable!



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      Katherine GenMedX

      Hello everyone, I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends and start to the week.

      We thought it might be helpful to give you guys a bit more of an insight into how to use the forum.

      So, if you’re a professional share your words of wisdom on our special ‘words of wisdom’ thread! This could be anything from the most useful piece of advice you were given as a student, your favourite inspirational quote, or maybe a little insight into your journey and the challenges you faced. If you want to interact in other ways on the forum, checkout the different threads and see if there is anything you can add to conversation or advice you can give.

      If you’re a student check all of our forums for what might be relevant for you. At the moment we have our ‘results day’ and ‘pre-GCCE’ aspiring doctors thread where you can ask questions and get advice. We will have more to come as we grow so keep an eye out! Also checkout the ‘words of wisdom’ thread, this is where you will get exclusive insights!

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      Blerina GenMedX

      Hello everyone, I’m Blerina!

      I am a Junior Projects Officer and part of the Generation Medics team.

      I look forward to seeing what you have to say and getting involved.

      As mentioned earlier, if you have any concerns regarding the content on this forum, feel free to contact me. I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

      Blerina 🙂

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      Hinnah GenMedX


      I’m Dr Hinnah Rafique, Director of Generation Medics!

      I founded Generation Medics to widen access to medical and health careers for people from all backgrounds. We provide up-to-date advice, information and opportunities for aspiring health professionals. Our support does not end there, we provide career-spanning support which means that after you have begun training and even after graduation we’re still able to provide support and opportunities to help you succeed in your career!

      I hope that you find this forum useful and are able to contribute to the discussions 🙂

      Looking forward to see what you have to say!


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      Katherine GenMedX

      Hey, I’m Katherine!
      I am part of the Generation Medics team and I am one of the moderators on the forum threads. I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say and getting involved!
      As mentioned earlier, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂

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      We have many people who work with us to help widen access to medical and health careers- including 100’s of fabulous volunteers!

      To help you distinguish who everyone is, we have added ‘GenMedX’ to the end of the names of our core team.

      We’ll introduce ourselves properly below, but if you’re concerned about any of the content on this forum contact James (her username for this forum is @JamesGenMedX) or use the ‘Contact us’ page.

      We look forward to hearing your introductions! 🙂

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