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    • Words of Wisdom

      Words of Wisdom for the next generation from Health professionals and health students in training. (There are lots of places for young people to read the challenges faced by health professionals in the current climate, but this is a place for health professionals to inspire and provide useful advice to young people interested in a career in health.)


      Whether you want to share an inspirational quote or a piece of advice from someone who has helped you along the way- feel free to get involved!

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    • Blerina GenMedX 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    • Aspiring Health Professionals

      This is the forum for Aspiring Healthcare Professionals!


      Are you:

      a) 100% sure that you want a career in health? OR

      b) considering a career in health (any career)?

      If you answered yes to either of the above- you’re in the right place to get advice from real health professionals and health students in training!


      If you’re a professional, thanks for stopping by! Take a look on this board and see if there are any questions that you could help respond to. Nothing yet? Don’t worry, we get questions sent in at different times of the year, so keep coming back to look out for questions from aspiring health professionals.

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    • Katherine GenMedX 15 hours, 43 minutes ago

    • Feedback for New Website

      Hey guys,

      We’ve been working hard on this site, but we know that there are still issues that need to be resolved. If you come across something that you think doesn’t look quite right, isn’t working properly or you think could be better- drop us a message in this thread.

      Every member of our community contributes to our success in supporting more young people across the country to get advice on how to become a health professional.

      We appreciate the time you take to help us to grow and your patience whilst we work through the bugs!

      Don’t feel shy about starting a new thread- we need to know where the problems are so that when we officially launch, things are smoother.

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    • Carrie_Dentine 1 month, 3 weeks ago