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Spotlight on Nursing and Midwifery Roles

Nurse, Nurses can be men too

Explore Careers in Nursing and Midwifery

Nurses, midwives and nursing support staff directly care for patients. There are over 745,000 people on the NMC register, making them the largest part of the NHS workforce.

There are lots of support roles available within this discipline, which offers another route into nursing and midwifery.

Main Nursing Specialisms

Mental Health
Learning Disability

Midwifery Career Development

Clinical Research
Health Visitation

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Spotlight on Medical Careers

Explore medical, Physician associate and surgical support roles

Medicine is an exciting and diverse field to work in. If you have an empathetic nature combined with a flair and interest in anatomy, biology and chemistry, you could be well placed to be a doctor.

Aside from medicine, there are new and innovative professions, with similar specifications. designed to support the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

123,727 doctors employed by the NHS

Over 600 Surgical Support Practicioners

350 physician associates - expected to increase by hundreds over the next couple of years!

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Spotlight on Mental Health Careers

Why Does Mental Health Matter In Healthcare?

More and more people are accessing mental health services for help for a number of treatments and conditions. For example, the number of young people accessing services for eating disorder treatment is at a record level.

We predict that the NHS will focus on upbuilding and strengthening this branch of the NHS workforce to help care for those needing these services.


  • Moderate or severe depressive symptoms increased in adults after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (ONS)
  • 17.4% of children aged 6-16 had a probable mental disorder in 2021 (Digital NHS Data)
  • 2.8 million people accessed NHS-funded secondary mental health, learning disability and autism services during 2020/21 (Digital NHS Data)

Around 94,000 members of the NHS are employed to care for people who need to use mental health services, including both adults and children.

Most common issues include

Could you play a role in this workforce?

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Spotlight on Women in Healthcare #IWD22

What is International Women's Day?

IWD sees a number of MISSIONS to help forge a gender equal world.

Celebrating women’s achievements and increasing visibility, while calling out inequality, is key.

This year’s theme encourages us all to:

  • Celebrate women’s achievements
  • Raise awareness against bias
  • Take action for equality

Why Does #IWD22 Matter In Healthcare?

From the more than 300,000 nurses and health visitors to the ambulance staff, scientific and therapeutic personnel, management and clinical support teams, women have been instrumental in continuing to give the highest quality of care.

There are nearly

88.6% of the 342,104 nurses and health visitors are women

42.5% of 18,509 ambulance staff are women

77.6% of 172,267 scientific, therapeutic and technical staff

62% of 22,552 managers are women

76.7% of 1.3 million NHS staff are women

Spotlight on Allied Health Professions

What are Allied Health Professions?

Allied Health Professions (or AHPs for short) is the name given to a diverse group of professions that play an important role in modern health and social care services.

AHPs make up the third largest workforce in the NHS and include 14 professions. There’s a breakdown of them below.

What do Allied Health Professionals do?

Allied Health Professionals are highly qualified professionals who work as autonomous practitioners. That means they can assess, diagnose, treat and discharge patients in their own right!

They work with all age groups, in all specialty areas of healthcare and can have a huge impact on patients, which makes these careers so attractive.

Spotlight on AHPs

Which Jobs are Allied Health Professions?

There are 14 allied health professions

Art therapists
Music therapists
Operating Department Practitioners
Drama therapists
Occupational therapists
Prosthetists and Orthotists
Speech and language therapists

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