Goodbye 2020

2020 - A year like no other we have known

We reacted, we adjusted, we showed compassion, empathy and resilience… humanity at its best.

Embracing technology, we supported one another, we stood together (or ‘sat together’ virtually).  We remained positive and optimistic against such adversity.

Some things may have changed forever; but much will return.

We began 2020 excited and optimistic about increasing our impact through several ground-breaking partnerships and a plan to roll out our shiny new online platform. We were set to build a magnificent skyscraper atop the tremendous achievements we’d made in 2019 (including hosting the largest free state-school healthcare careers conference in the UK). 

But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we lost the majority of our funding. Individuals in our communities went through tough times with their mental health, studies/work and overall health. Some were applying to university not knowing if they’d be sitting exams, some were in isolation and we had students graduating in the middle of a pandemic feeling incredibly anxious.

Our colleagues needed us. Our students needed us. The NHS and government needed us. Schools and colleges needed us. And so we stepped up to lead during the emergency response to the pandemic. 

We supported the NHS and our colleagues on the frontline with planning and logistics, including recruiting professionals and volunteers rapidly. We supported students, schools and colleges by restructuring to provide online support, teaching and a community where they could belong so they didn’t feel alone. 

We supported the important Black Lives Matter movement and redoubled our efforts to increase diversity within healthcare – a matter close to our hearts as it’s the reason we were founded.

We rebuilt our team supported by a bunch of our amazing volunteers, and we are proud of everything we have achieved this year against the odds.

Thank you for being with us this year and we are excited for 2021. Hope we all have a good new year and see you on the other side!

End of year message from Dr Hinnah Rafique, Founder of Generation Medics

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