Complete List of Universities that require UKCAT

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test is used in the selection process by the majority of UK University Medical and Dental Schools.

To discover which universities in the UK require you complete UKCAT, check out this list below!


Course Code(s)

University of Aberdeen A100, A201
Anglia Ruskin University A100
Aston University A100
University of Birmingham A100, A200
University of Bristol A100, A108, A206, A208
Cardiff University A100, A104, A200, A204
University of Dundee A100, A104, A200, A204
University of East Anglia A100, A104
University of Edinburgh A100
University of Exeter A100
University of Glasgow A100, A200
Hull York Medical School A100
Keele University A100, A104
King’s College London A100, A101, A102, A202, A205, A206
University of Leicester A100, A199
University of Liverpool A100, A200, A201
University of Manchester A104, A106, A204, A026
University of Newcastle A100, A101, A206
University of Nottingham A100, A108
Plymouth University A100, A206
Queen Mary University of London A100, A101, A110, A120, A130, A200, B960
Queen’s University Belfast A100, A200
University of Sheffield A100, A200
University of Southampton A100, A101, A102
University of St Andrews A100, A990
St George’s, University of London A100
University of Sunderland A100 
University of Warwick A101

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    This stuff must have takes ages to find, thanks for taking the time to make it easier for us future doctors and dentists! #GENMEDLOVE