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Taking a Gap Year

Taking a gap year can be really exciting and help you figure out what you want to do in the long-term. It can also be really scary too! Here’s 6 reasons to take a gap year from students who took the plunge!

Advice for parents on results day

Advice for Parents on A-Level Results Day

Our team of students have written this Advice for Parents on A-Level Results Day because one day, not long ago, they were in the shoes of your children and want to help you help them.

Taking Care of your Mental Health

At particular times in our lives we are under a lot more stress than normal. Here are 5 tips from our community of healthcare professionals to help you take care of you during those times.

Healthcare Careers Insights

Gap Year FAQ’s

Considering taking a gap year, but have unanswered questions? Here’s a list of Gap Year FAQ’s to help you decide whether to take a year out.

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7 Inspirational Quotes to get you through Results Day

Is Results Day making you anxious? Here are 7 of our favourite inspirational quotes to help fire you up for your next steps or just remind you that Results Day isn’t the end of the world.

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Looking After Yourself During Results Season

Looking after yourself during results season can be difficult – there’s no magic formula to make all of the results season stress and anxiety go away, but here are a few tips to help you take care.

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Explore University

Are you choosing a university through clearing or adjustment? To help you decide this list will help you explore the university and it’s accommodation from the comfort of your own home!