Building a fulfilling career in a new country: Amira’s Journey

Through Generation Medics' Adults Support Programme refugees like Amira have found an opportunity for a fresh start 💫


Amira is a refugee in her mid-twenties who joined our Adult Support Programme which helps adults from all backgrounds to explore healthcare careers, find one that’s right for them and supports them to enter it. 

She had been in the UK for less than 4 months when she joined our programme, keen to build a fulfilling career in her new home country. 

When Amira was younger she had aspired to become an electrical engineer, however recent health problems experienced by her family members threw healthcare careers into the spotlight.

Challenges faced

Only two months after Amira fled to the UK the first COVID national lockdown began. Of the few opportunities which where open to refugees in her area prior, even fewer where now available. 

"Around 2 months after I arrived in the UK the first COVID-19 national lockdown began so it was really hard for me. Before the lockdown I hadn't had much time to get used to my new community or get out to see what opportunities were available. Even if I had, many opportunities I'd heard of had closed because of COVID."

During the COVID-19 Pandemic many industries suffered, and many workplaces were forced to close their doors. Opportunities for many job-seekers were severely restricted. For refugees in particular, the employment rate dropped to 40% during the pandemic in 2020.

Many refugees like Amira face a variety of additional barriers to accessing employment and joining the workforce in the UK. Language, CV gaps, work experience, lack of social support networks and social stigma to name a few. 

Interest in healthcare

Due to health problems experienced by family members, Amira had spent more time in healthcare settings. There she said she felt inspired by the level of care our NHS staff – and nurses in particular – provide to patients. 

A spark lit in Amira and she realised that this was something she wanted to do for others – she had found a career she could see herself in, but now she faced a new challenge. How to get there. 

"I felt so happy when I found Generation Medics! This support was exactly what I was looking for to help me understand jobs in healthcare and how I can build my career in my new country. After joining the programme I felt confident and optimistic about my future again!"

Our Programme

As soon as Amira found our programme she immediately applied. She was keen to build a fulfilling career in her new home country and give back to her new community. But Amira needed help to get the fresh start she and her family needed, she knew she couldn’t do it alone because there was simply too much to navigate.

That’s where our supportive programme stepped in.

Immediately Amira benefitted from the supportive online community of current and future healthcare professionals that make up Generation Medics.  

"Generation Medics' programme is far better than I'd imagined it would be! There is so much information and so much advice available in the Virtual Healthcare Careers Academy and I feel supported. I really like that I can access it whenever I want, so sometimes I would log in at night when I couldn't sleep and other times when I was in waiting rooms with my family! I enjoy using Generation Medics because it's not like other websites. It's easy to use, there's a lot to do and it's fun!"

Amira has spent hours on Generation Medics’ Virtual Healthcare Careers Academy and she tells us she’s loving it.

She’s learnt more about the career path she’s interested in, cementing her interest in nursing and building plans for how she can enter and thrive in it. She’s joined a supportive community of like-minded current and future healthcare professionals who offer support and encouragement as she moves forward on her journey. 

She’s also been completing e-courses, reading blogs and taking part in activities that build her knowledge and confidence so she’s equipped to navigate the path to where she wants to be, and so she understands what she needs to do to get there.

We’re helping her create an action plan so that she can reach her goal and fulfil her potential as a fantastic healthcare professional!

We can’t wait to see Amira join our colleagues in the NHS as a HCA for now and a nurse in the coming years 🤩

With her motivation, determination and commitment we know she’ll be a huge asset to the NHS and our healthcare colleagues in the future 💙

Like the sound of this programme? Our Southend Programme for Adults aims to break down barriers and help anyone to access a rewarding career in healthcare. If you're interested click the link below to find out more.

*For safety Amira’s name has been changed for this case study

About Generation Medics

Generation Medics is a multi-award-winning social enterprise founded by Doctors and supported by the NHS. Our programmes enable people from all backgrounds to explore, enter and thrive in healthcare careers. 

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