A-Level Maths revision tips

If you’re studying Maths A-Level, have a look at trying out some of these tips and techniques to boost your revision and, in turn, achieve success!

"Reach for the moon; even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

Understanding vs Memorising

Understand but don’t memorise. Don’t try to just memorise theories and formulae; understand them so you can apply them. This way you won’t get stuck when you are faced with a complex problem in the exam, you should be able to work through it logically.

Flash Cards

If you’re struggling to remember a formula then make flash cards. Ensure the formula on the card resonates with you by writing it in a bold colour or in large writing. Make the card the last thing you look at before you start the exam so you can store it in your short-term memory and write it down on the front of your exam paper in pencil to refer to if later if you will need to.

Calculations, Calculations, Calculations

If you have to calculate something, make sure that you show all of your formulae and working out. If the answer is wrong, you may get marks for showing your process.


Be Accurate. Again, read the question! If it asks for 2 decimal places or 3 significant figures, then that is what it wants. Before going on to the next question, check your answer and compare it with the original question.

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Even if you know the final answer is wrong, don’t erase your entire work because you may get some marks for using the correct procedure.

Past Papers

Practice doing questions under exam conditions. Ask someone to pick you a set of questions from your textbook, or get some from a maths website and try testing yourself for a fixed amount of time. This will help you adjust to the setting of the exam hall.


Don’t over-exert yourself. Make sure you drink plenty of water and take regular, short breaks to prevent burnout! Revision doesn’t have to take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing.

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