A-Level Chemistry revision tips

If you’re studying Chemistry A-Level, have a look at trying out some of these tips and techniques to boost your revision and, in turn, achieve success!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit" Aristotle

Extra Reading

Always make sure that you read around the subject, especially when you don’t have a complete understanding of any particular topic . There are plenty of resources in addition to your school ones, you can try finding extra materials online or in a library.

Blank Answers

Never leave a question blank and make sure you put the best answer you can. If it’s a test, you might get an extra mark and if it’s practice, your teacher can see if you were heading in the right direction and guide you.

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Working Out

If you have to calculate something, make sure that you show all of your formulae and working out. If the answer is wrong, you may get marks for showing the process within the calculation.

Questions and Marks

The number of marks in a question is important, you can use a one word answer for one question, but a four mark question needs more detail. Make sure to keep you eyes peeled!

Read Carefully

Read questions carefully, especially when they have several parts. Follow the instructions of the questions carefully, answering accordingly. You don’t want to miss out on precious marks because of a reading error!


Make sure you find time to take in some fresh air and move around. This will help to energise you and allow you to absorb some precious vitamin D. You don’t have to do anything strenuous, a brisk walk is sufficient!

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