A-Level Biology revision tips

If you’re studying Biology A-Level, have a look at trying out some of these tips and techniques to boost your revision and, in turn, achieve success!

"Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory." William Barclay

To Cram or not to Cram

Do steady A-Level revision throughout the year. Don’t cram; the chances are you won’t retain information during a binge-revision session as it won’t enter your long term memory!

Be Proactive

Answer questions at the end of the chapter in any exercise or text books that you own. This is a great way to test how much you’ve learned and which areas you need to work on.

What Friends are For

Explain things to friends, this is another good way of questioning how confident you are about a topic. You can also use them to fill gaps in your knowledge.

Exam Technique

Remember, in essay questions particularly, a simple story told well will always beat a mangled version of some half-understood advanced facts designed to ‘impress the examiner’.

Past Papers

Stick to the specification and do as many past papers as you can. You can even take a look at examiner reports to find out what exactly they look for.

Flash Cards

Learn the terminology, make vocabulary flashcards to help make the facts stick.

Draw processes and structures.

This will help you to visualise and memorise!

Show and Tell

Describe and explain – do both of these, this technique will help you collect marks. Follow up each describing point with its appropriate explanation.


Write a balanced argument using your own biological knowledge applied to the information in the question.


If your mock results were not brilliant, don’t panic and, above all, don’t crash out of biology convinced that you have no aptitude. If you’re worried about your progress or your mock results, speak to your teacher, they are there to help you!

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