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Interested in a healthcare career?
You're in the right place!

We’re supported by the NHS to provide advice and support to young people like you!

Trust our team of healthcare professionals and current students to unlock healthcare careers by demystifying the processes for you.

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Generation Medics [formerly Help Me I’m a Medic] was founded by doctors with one simple aim: to inspire and empower the next generation in their journey to Medicine.

We’re now a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are supported by the NHS to inspire young people to reach their full potential, meet their own goals and consider a career in the healthcare sphere.

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Why should you consider a career in healthcare?

Over 350 healthcare careers to choose from

Different academic entry-points to suit many abilities

Job opportunities with one of the world’s largest employers, the NHS

Our programmes

If you want to be a healthcare professional it’s especially important for you to be well-informed from a young age so that you’re prepared in your career journey. Joining our community will help keep you in-the-know so that you can remain ahead of the crowd. We have an amazing online base – we’re regularly updating this site so it remains packed full of useful resources which will help support you.

What is it like to study Medicine at a UK Medical School (Official Uni Videos)

With so many changes happening and so much to think about, we know this can be a very stressful period of your life! We’ve been where you are and we want to help make your journey that little less stressful. We have lots of useful resources to support you and we’re regularly updating the site with more so join our community by signing up to our site to stay in-the-know.

Academic Support

We can support you through blogs and resources created by current students and professionals who have been where you are now and know what you’re going through.  They’re regularly posted and contain up-to-date advice, tips and support to get you through.

As a member of our forum, you’ll also have the opportunity to join our invite-only Aspiring Health Professionals group

Our programmes in detail

We come into schools and colleges across the UK to work with young people.

Here’s some of what we offer:

  • lunchtime and after-school clubs
  • mentoring
  • specialist lessons e.g. science, careers, citizenship and P.E.
  • practical workshops
  • holiday programmes e.g. summer schools


  • Understanding Science and Health
  • Gaining practical experience
  • Careers inc. applying to university and preparing for interviews
  • Meeting students and professionals

If you’d like us to come to your school please email us using the contact form on the contact us page to let us know and also tell your teachers about us!

Our forum offers you the unique opportunity to speak to and get advice, tips and information from your peers, current uni students and qualified professionals! Signing up will help you to explore your future career and receive relevant and reliable information and advice! Head to our forum page to join the conversation.

To post messages on the forum you’ll need to register to be a member of our community. It only takes 30 seconds, why not do it now?

Becoming a member will also get you access to our online courses and resources which you can find out about below

On our website

In addition to the forum (discussed above), we have resources, courses, blogs and revision materials. All created by our team of students and professionals to help you succeed. To access them you’ll need to register for a free account and take a look around! We’re constantly updating the site so it’s worth checking back regularly.

On our site we have a huge bank of invite-only resources covering every aspect of your career journey and beyond. We’ll share these resources with you as we get to know them on the forum and through their site profile. There are also one-page fact sheets on tonnes of healthcare careers. These summarise in a nutshell what the career is like, career pathway and progression options, the entry requirements and additional information including funding.


Videos and YouTube

It’s hard to know what studying a healthcare career would be like so we’ve curated videos in tens of careers so that you can get an idea without making any commitments.

Here’s our What is it like to study Medicine at a UK Medical School? (Official Uni Videos)  playlist to give you an idea of the type of videos on there.

To explore our playlists, head over to our YouTube channel.

Social Media

Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep updated with the latest medical news and research and also our news, resources and course releases.

We’re also on Snapchat – add us @GenMedX to keep updated with us day-to-day and get a sneak peek behind the scenes!

Be sure to take a look at our Pinterest – we have loads of cool boards which you might be interested in or find useful, for example, we have a board dedicated to Medical Art, another for Medical Universities across the world and even another for Science Experiments you could try!

National Aspiring Doctors Conference

The National Aspiring Doctors Conference is open to pupils aged between 12 – 16 who have a direct interest in medical careers because it’s never too early to get started!

The conference has been designed by admissions experts to offer you a detailed overview of the medical application process and life as a professional. We’ll help you understand what it takes to be successful and help you get started on your career journey. The format of the conference mirrors what it’s like at university so you’ll get to live life as a medic for a day to see how it feels. Our friendly team of medics will support you through the day and you’ll be able to ask all of your questions to any of our many mentors who are around throughout the day.

This is our longest running conference and offers young people a unique insight into Medicine so is always popular! As soon as the next date is confirmed, you’ll find details of it here so check back soon!

Clinical Skills Work Experience Days

Here is your chance to learn and practice a variety of clinical skills and examinations that belong to an array of core medical and surgical specialities.

In small groups, you’ll explore different stations, each containing a different activity. Our team of friendly medics will give you an authentic Medical School experience and you’ll get the chance to have hands-on practical experience whilst supervised by experts.

These days are a highly recommended favourite for aspiring healthcare professionals. We hold them across the UK a few times a year – as soon as the next date is confirmed, you’ll find details of it here so keep your eyes peeled!

National Medical Applicants Conference

The National Medical Applicants Conference is open to Aspiring Doctors who are aged 16+ and have sat their GCSE exams. It’s a chance for you to begin your application with us, and to get our support throughout the process.

The conference has been developed by Medical School lecturers & senior clinicians to offer you honest, unbiased advice and feedback that’s specific to you. Our content is comprehensive – you’ll work through the entire admissions process from start to finish, learning about admissions tests, the personal statement and the interview, and you’ll get hints and tips along the way so you’re prepared to succeed. The format of the conference mirrors what it’s like at university so you’ll get to live life as a medic for a day to see how it feels. We’ll give you a taster of every different learning style adopted by Medical Schools in the UK so you can choose the universities that best suit you. Our friendly team of medics will support you through the day and you’ll be able to ask all of your questions to any of our many mentors who are around throughout the day and you’ll be able to keep in touch throughout your application journey on our forum.

This conference will give Aspiring Doctors everything that they need and more! We’re not like other organisations who will squash as many students into one room as possible, but that means that places at our events are limited! We’ll let you know when the next conference is as soon as we can so watch this space!

We know how stressful this period of your life is. You can trust us to help you because we’ve been where you are and are passionate about providing you with the support that we didn’t have!

So in addition to everything else above, everything below is for you

National Medical Applicants Conference

You can read about this in the Conferences section above, but this conference is designed to prepare Medical Applicants for success!

Personal Statement Builder

Writing a successful personal statement may be the hardest thing you’ll have to do for your application, but we’re here to help! Our Personal Statement Builder will give you the right foundation to build an amazing personal statement that’s unique to you.

The builder comprehensively guides you through simple steps that’ll help you make sure your statement is the strongest it can be. You can read more about it and purchase it here

Personal Statement Proofreading

Once you’ve written your personal statement you face all-new challenges: making sure you’ve used your best experiences, ensuring that you’ve written all you want to and arguably the most difficult – choosing what to cut to get it within the word count!

Our team of experienced experts, Medics, and Oxbridge grads are ready to give you informed and reliable personalised feedback within 36 hours. We have appointments available until 11th October 2017 and have a submission limit of up to 3500 to be proofread. You can read more about it and purchase it here

Medical Interview Prep Cards

Succeeding at interview means the difference between being offered a place to study or not! Fortune favours the prepared mind so train yourself to be a stronger candidate without Medical Interview Prep cards that will help build your confidence as you develop unique and well-considered answers.

You’ll find 50 of the most common Medical Interview questions on the front of our pocket-sized cards and answer prompts that’ll turn you or anyone you choose to practice with into a seasoned admissions tutor who’s able to help you think about everything they’re looking for and more! You can buy a set of cards here

Skype Medical Interview Prep

So as you know, succeeding at interview can mean the difference between getting an offer and not, so preparation is key! Our trained team of medics and professionals can offer 1-to-1 interview support with preparation, mock-interviews and personalised feedback. You can book sessions of 45-60 mins at a time to get the best practice and interview advice available – you’ll be able to book sessions soon, but if you want to register your interest then please email: to let us know

Free AS/ A Level Revision Notes

It’s all very well having our support with the application process, but you need to get the grades to get into your chosen course too!

We’re sharing Free AS & A2 revision materials for Maths, Chemistry and Biology modules – they’ve been prepared by our team of recent students. To go with them, we’ll also be sharing exam questions across social media over weekends to help test your knowledge so look out for those on our Facebook page.

As well as the revision notes we also have lots of resources to help you study including blogs, downloadable templates and links to videos to get you through! We’ll share links in the forum so make sure you join the A Level board to see what’s available.


The process and steps to achieving your ultimate end goal of a career in Healthcare mean that sometimes it can feel confusing and impossible, but having the right information and support can make things much easier.

That’s what our Forum is about – offering you information and advice in real time. The best bit of it is that this comes from current students and professionals who have walked down the same road.

You can interact by joining discussions or by starting a new topic and asking questions. You’ll get personalised answers and be given information & support to help you be successful! Our online community is here for you 24/7 to support you in your journey.

Anything else?

And, if there’s anything else you need but can’t find you can always contact us – we’re available on our Forum, send us an email: or give us a call: 01865 304078!

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“Explained how to choose the right university for ME not just the one with the highest rankings.” Aaron, 16, Sussex

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